Meet the Photographers

Jay P Morgan

Jay P. Morgan is a Commercial Photographer/Director in Los Angeles California. His unique style has developed an impressive list of clients from Paramount to McDonald’s. Jay P.'s experience with elaborate set design and extensive lighting are key to the success of his illustrative work.

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson Aussie born and bred has extensively photographed rain forests, reefs, and outback of his native country and is a passionate street photographer with a special focus on his home town of Melbourne. He is passionate about and knows what to look for in travel photography.

Andrew has exhibited internationally, published in various Australian travel magazines and other publications and has won several travel photography awards.

NYC Photo Safari

New York City Photo Safari is a NYC based company-leading photo tours throughout Manhattan. Professional photographers lead our photo tours with a wide array of industry experience. We are first and foremost photographers; we have spent our careers pursuing photography. It goes without saying that we are passionate about it and we want to share our vision.

The opportunity to teach photography via a photo tour is an opportunity to share our view of the world, especially NYC.

Our motto is: Turning Picture Takers Into Image Makers.

Vanessa Greene

A former National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, Vanessa Greene uses her photographic talent to document and celebrate the world’s diverse cultures. For the past several years, she has trained her focus on Cuba, one of the world’s top travel destinations. Vanessa’s company, Global Arts/Media, is licensed by the U.S. government to provide travel services to Cuba.

Through her extensive network of relationships, Vanessa leads photography tours that facilitate meaningful interactions and experiences with artists, historians, shopkeepers, teachers, journalists, farmers, doctors and all the ordinary and special people of Cuba.

Global Arts tours enable photographers to know Cuba and Cubans in a fuller sense – beyond media-driven stereotypes.

Glenn Tamblingson

For over 30 years Glenn has conducted photo tours for professional and active enthusiast photographers throughout Arizona and the Southwest year long. Additional photo tours are conducted throughout the U.S. on specific dates.

"We give our participants unique opportunities to grow and to fill their personal goals in photography while having a great time in beautiful places.

I enjoy sharing my love, passion and skills of the craft that has given me much creative and artistic satisfaction."

Jeff Cable Photography

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Jeff Cable started his professional photography career in the San Francisco Bay Area, photographing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Since then he has earned respect around the globe, and is best known for capturing photos for the US Olympic Committee. He has photographed the last 4 Olympic games, including the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and his 5th Olympics for Team USA in Rio.

Jeff teaches photography to photo enthusiasts and professionals around the world, including Africa, Australia, China, Europe, South America, and across the United States. He is one of the most watched and respected photography instructors in the world, with millions of views of his free online photography classes.

Jeff is best known for his artistic passion, his easy-going attitude and his ability to capture the emotion of any moment.


  • We had a very special time on the Canyon Lands tour. We encountered a wide range of very spectacular landscapes which offered a myriad of enticing photographic opportunities. Everything was very well organised and accommodation was very comfortable
    Murray Foote Canyon Lands Tour
  • Stunning mountain scenery and wildlife. I couldn't think of a better location for an outdoor photo shoot. I learnt so much it has taken my photography to another level.
    John Smith Grand Tetons Photo Tour
  • I loved photographing The Big Apple on a Udesign Photo Tour. It was quite an experience and one I would highly recommend.
    Brian Rope New York Photo Tour - 2017
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