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About Jeff Cable

About Jeff Cable

Jeff Cable started his professional career in the San Francisco Bay area, photographing Barmitvahs. Since then he has earned respect around the globe, and is best known for capturing photos for the US Olympic committee.

He has photographed the last 4-Olympic games, including the the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver 2012, Summer Olympics in London and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Soon he will be heading off to Rio De Janeiro to capture his 5th Olympics for Team USA. Jeff teaches photography to photo enthusiasts and professionals around the world, including Africa, Australia, China, Europe, South America, and across the United States.

He is one of the most watched and respected photography instructors in the world, with millions of views of his free online photography classes.

Jeff is best known for his artistic passion, his easy-going attitude and his ability to capture the emotion of any moment.

Workshop Sessions

Workshop Sessions

This workshop is for those who comprehend the "scene" settings and other elementary controls of their cameras but would like a better understanding of white balance, file formats (RAW, JPG etc.), color space, depth of field, flash. By the end of this walkabout you will be able to bring all of these things together to ensure more consistent results time and time again. At the end of the walkabout we shall sit down and enjoy a meal and discuss with Jeff your experiences during the workshop walkabout.



Castle Clinton
Battery Park, New York, NY 10004, USA

Public Transport

Public Transportation


  • Take the #1 train to South Ferry/Whitehall
  • Take the #4 or #5 train to Bowling Green.
  • Take the R or W train to Whitehall Street/South Ferry.

Take the M1, M6, or M15 bus to Battery Park. For schedules and maps regarding public transportation in New York City, please visit the website for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York.



  • A camera (duh)
  • Suggested lenses (but by no means a requirement)
  • Wide (maybe in the 16-35mm range)
  • Medium zoom (maybe in the 24-105 range)
  • Longer zoom (maybe 70-200 or longer)
  • If you have a flash, I would bring one
  • Tripod (if you have a travel size tripod, that would be best). - We can not use these in the back areas of Ellis Island, but they might be useful for other areas.
  • Enough memory - bring numerous memory cards since we will be shooting a lot
  • Proper clothing for the weather conditions (which looks pretty good right now)
  • A great attitude - let’s have fun!!!!!!

One more thing - we are told that you must have closed-toe shoes for the abandoned hospitals of Ellis Island. No flip flops!!!!!

Details & Inclusions

Ellis Island "Hard Hat" Workshop with Jeff Cable

Total Price:
USD$350.00 / Workshop

Workshop Date:
24th & 25th October, 2017

Session Meeting Start Time
11:30am - 3:30pm

Workshop Meeting Area
Castle Clinton
Battery Park, New York, NY 10004

Contact Number

Workshops Includes
Photographer | Jeff Cable
Photo Walks & Discussions
Lunch Included
Photo Show Bag / Valued at USD$200.00


  • We had a very special time on the Canyon Lands tour. We encountered a wide range of very spectacular landscapes which offered a myriad of enticing photographic opportunities. Everything was very well organised and accommodation was very comfortable
    Murray Foote Canyon Lands Tour
  • Stunning mountain scenery and wildlife. I couldn't think of a better location for an outdoor photo shoot. I learnt so much it has taken my photography to another level.
    John Smith Grand Tetons Photo Tour
  • I loved photographing The Big Apple on a Udesign Photo Tour. It was quite an experience and one I would highly recommend.
    Brian Rope New York Photo Tour - 2017
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